The WebWatcher software is ok, but Awareness Technologies obviously does not have the programming or testing team necessary to create a retail-worthy product. As a person who's made software for over 25 years, including shrink-wrapped titles, I can state with confidence that the mistakes that persist in their product are EASILY avoidable and rectifiable, two things this company obviously doesn't care to address. Two glaring issues: keyboard data either is not being captured or gets lost, and the screen shot engine captures dozens of images from unrequested websites and can't tell time. I've spent way too much time with their off-shore support people and the fact you have to BUY your screenshots from them is nothing short of insulting.

The first issue, the captured data: I personally sat at the monitored computer and typed for 15 straight minutes. Do you know how much typing that is? My internet connection is solid, the PC is in good health with lots of RAM and free HD space. NOT ONE WORD MADE IT INTO THE "Dashboard". Not even after any of their supports "advice."

The second issue is very simple: I've set the screen capture to only copy Facebook images every 10 seconds. I get FB, and MLB, HotMail, CNN, and dozens of other screens, and not only single shots that "bookend" the FB session, but dozens of shots. As for the interval, 10 seconds is 10 seconds. Not 8, or 13, or 25, etc: ten.

I wrote PC software that did similar tasks in the 80s and 90s, WAY before the power and ease available to coders today. I can't tell you what to get instead (I just don't have the time nor care to spend the money), but I can tell you NOT to get WebWatcher.

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Dont Be Foolish

I think if he were a competitor he would have offered an alternative company..aka HIS.


by chance, did you write software that competes with Awareness Technologies? you are a little too transparent!

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