I tried the software on trial and it did work well but I started reading all of these reviews and thought I would have a little chat...here's what they had to say.

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Mary Gen: Welcome! So that I may better assist you, would you please tell me what you'd like to accomplish using our software?

you: Hi, I have decided not to purchase your software based on some reviews I have read at: http://webwatcher.pissedconsumer.com/webwatcher-forces-an-upgrade-and-customer-service-staff-are-clueless-20101221212608.html If things change I would be interested in purchasing your product. I did try the demo, seemed to work well, but your company has way too much bad press...

Mary Gen: I'm still here... I'll be with you shortly.

you: K

Mary Gen: you may evaluate the software for a full three days after you purchase; if the software doesn't work as advertised and we are unable to resolve your issues, we will happily provide a refund.

you: 3 days is not enough time to fully evaluate the software...Can you reassure me that things have changed with regards to the way the people have been treated on that website?

Mary Gen: Rest assured you will not regret using our Webwatcher

Mary Gen: If our product does not perform as advertised, please notify us within 72 hours of purchase. Our customer support staff is available 7 days a week, and we will do our very best to make sure the product performs properly. Assuming you have notified us within 72 hours of purchase, if we are unable to resolve the issue within 3 days of you notifying us, we will refund your purchase price in FULL.

you: I have tried it and it worked really well. I am not convinced that changes have taken place with regards to the way people have been treated after they purchase.

Mary Gen: It's best to read our terms and conidtions first prior to purchasing so you will fully undertand our Policy and on how Webwatcher works as well.

you: I did read it Mary. Maybe you should read all of those reviews and put yourself in their shoes for a moment.

Mary Gen: I'm sorry for the delay. I'll be right with you.

you: I really liked your software but I am very leary of entering into a business relationship with your company.

Mary Gen: We apologize and Im sorry if they feel that way. But if they only have given time and read the Terms and conditions before purchasing the software.

Mary Gen: i understand where they're coming from

Mary Gen: however if they have only read or have given little time to read the terms and conditions they would know about the updates.

you: They gave time and discovered that your company does not live up to its promises. The way it reads implies that any "upgrades" will be covered for one year. In technical terms, an upgrade covers new software versions.

Mary Gen: Unlimited Update Package covers all version updates within a year.

you: Apparently not according to this person's review. I really wish you folks did not have all this bad press because your product works well.

Mary Gen: I really feel sorry about that, everybody is entitled in it's own opinion. Im sorry if he feels that way, but you may you may evaluate the software for a full three days after you purchase; if the software doesn't work as advertised and we are unable to resolve your issues, we will happily provide a refund.

you: Again, the 3 day period is way too short. Let me know if that changes to at least a 30 day period. Also, people's opinions should matter to you. You represent the company and reviews like the one below should resonate with your upper management team in a big way: I purchased and installed WebWatcher version 6 and for the most part, was able to get it to work as advertised. My complaint is that I also spent 29.95 on their "Unlimited Upgrades Package". After less than a year, they started warning me that I should upgrade to version 7. When I went to upgrade, they wanted another $67. I contacted them, and it turns out that their definition of "Unlimited" only extends to patch releases of version 6. Once they arbitrarily decide to change the major version number, forget it. And they even have the nerve to try to sell me another "Unlimited Upgrade Package" with the new version 7. Here's their pitch: The Unlimited Updates Package guarantees that you never miss ANY upgrades that we feature for one full year. Every day the software programs that the person you're monitoring use are being changed and updated. Make sure you get the Unlimited Updates Package so that your WebWatcher changes and upgrades to keep up! Without the Unlimited Updates Package you may miss out on critical activity as time goes by. So, they say "guarantees that you never miss ANY upgrades", and yet just because they decided to rename it "Version 7", I must pay again. They're not getting another dime from me...

Mary Gen: Thank you for waiting. I'll be with you in just a moment.

Mary Gen: We apologize for that, but Upgrads is actually good for one whole year.

Mary Gen: And also, refund period is for 3 days only.

Mary Gen: you may evaluate the software for a full three days after you purchase; if the software doesn't work as advertised and we are unable to resolve your issues, we will happily provide a refund.

Mary Gen: Regarding your concers, we wil pass along the message to our Management

Mary Gen: If you have further requests and suggetions you may send an email to sales@awarenesstech.com

Mary Gen: Thank you!

you: If you apologize for it then why don't you make things right with those people so they will post good comments about how your company resolved things

Mary Gen: Rest assured this will be passed to our Management.

you: Thanks for your time and here's to hoping your company gets its act together before it goes out of business.

Mary Gen: My Pleasure! Let us know if you need anything else. We're here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

you: K, bye.

Mary Gen: Ok Bye

Mary Gen: :)

Chat InformationThank you for visiting and take care!

Thank you for visiting and take care...DOH! They really do need help over there, possibly India in this case. I would stay far away from this company until they get their act together. Too bad, seems like a great product.

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