webwatcher doesn't deliver what it promises. You buy the product which may or may not work for a few days.

It then stops working withtout warning or reason. When you contact their "tech support" they drag you past the period allowable for a full refund. You end up spending hours with their wonderful online help - which is no help at all, only to find they are there to keep you past the 5 day refund period. Ever wonder why their policy is 5 days?

Because after 5 days, they have your money.

Don't buy this product, it is a piece of *** and then you can't get your money back.

Monetary Loss: $129.

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I used this on my boyfriends computer once i suspected something wasn't right but wasn't sure. I threatened if there was another "misunderstanding" I would add this to his computer and asked him if he was okay with that.

He said yes go ahead.

So later I find out he wasn't being truthful with me. I am happy I found out the truth and moved on with the help of knowing sooner than later because of this system.


i have been a webwatcher user since 1999. Frankly, i have been really happy as it is the only one that allowed me to view the recorded data remotely from any computer.

I used to use spectorsoft, but couldnt take it as they makes you check your recorded data from the computer you are monitoring. How *** is that? worse, when i complained about how it was totally impractical, they suggested i buy their other product eblaster for another $69 (on top of the $99 they charge you in the first place) to get emails of all your data. It drove me crazy that i had to buy 2 of their products for $170 when i found WebWatcher (for $97) captures the same data but lets you view the data remotely (through one product).

Spectorsofts 2 products combined did a worse job and was much more expensive than WebWatchers one product.

Bottom line, you can complain about anything but you need to look at the alternatives. For what i paid, WebWatcher was a great deal.


I've had Webwatcher since 2008. I havent logged on to my account since summer of 2009.

Today I was suspicious about a employee and logged on, but no information to view. They been charging me 4.95 a month for storage fees but they canceled my subscription for not upgrading 9 months ago. I asked Webwatcher why the kept charging. The guy would not give me a answer.

He said they will continue to charge till I canceled.

Wait, they already canceled me. Amex did kick back those charges and I did go to another service.


i purchsed webwatcher and have had no problem with it for 5 months now if i hadnt of i might have aids because of my husbands activies or worse yet my children i have since left . and the online help have been great. best money i have ever spent


I have had similar bad experience and I have to advise anyone looking into purchasing any product from Awareness Technologies to look for their software solutions elsewhere. After you read my comments I'm sure you will understand and agree. Don't risk the frustration that I have--and will continue to go through with my clients.

I purchased WebWatcher in 2008. Along with the $97.00 for the software, the website recommended that I purchase the "Backup CD" and the "Unlimited Update Package". All total, it cost $153.00 but I figured it was great software (I had used it for, and recommended it to clients for years) and my family deserved excellent protection.

I have learned that Awareness Technologies is not supporting the software I purchased. There was no communication from the company, the software is just no longer functional. I had to learn this when I was reinstalling the OS on my family computer. I have no idea how long our computer (and the systems of the companies that I have installed WebWatcher on) have been unprotected, and what my children have been exposed to during that time.

The "Unlimited Update Package" was blatantly misleading--it's only unlimited for a year, which was not clearly stated in 2008 (it is footnoted on the web page now).

The "Backup CD" that I purchased is a complete fraud. on the shopping cart page as you check out, the following text appears:

"We strongly recommend you add the Backup CD to your cart in the event that you ever need to reinstall your software or move it to another computer."

The CD actually contains 102kb of nothing useful -- an AutoRun application an HTML file some images and a CSS file. Essentially, the "Backup CD", that was sold as a backup of the WebWatcher application, only contains the AutoRun program that opens your web browser and takes you to the WebWatcher homepage. No WebWatcher application. I have checked with my clients and all those who purchased the "Backup CD" got the same fake.

I logged on to my WebWatcher personal account to try to resolve this problem, because my copy of WebWatcher 5 has valid upgrades until 01/03/2010. I figured I could just download it and reinstall and be done. Not the case.

Even though I have upgrades until 01/03/2010 my software license has somehow expired. I submitted a support ticket and got the same response -- my license has expired, and they even included a handy link to purchase the new version.

I was not satisfied with that so I tried to call the 800-340-6867 support line and talk to someone. Not possible, unless you have paid for the "VIP Customer Service" option.

So now my only option was to try through the live chat support (which is obviously based in India, or some other Asian country). I spent 2 and a-half hours typing back and forth with a customer support rep who had no power or authority to do anything to solve my problem. He continually recommended that I purchase the upgrade -- which is not an acceptable solution. Ultimately he recommended that I submit another support ticket from my WebWatcher account. You can imagine how frustrated I am at this point.

So that is where I am now. Waiting to hear from another support agent about another support ticket. This is not acceptable for my home license and for my corporate clients, who trust me to recommend and support quality software products.

I recommend that you purchase any other privacy software other than WebWatcher.

If you are looking for alternative sources to computer security check out these companies and their products. WebWatcher is a good software product, but it just isn't worth the bad customer service, frustration, feelings of being ripped-off and deceived, to deal with them.

Vontu, Websense, SpectorSoft, Absolute Software, McAfee, Symantec

Each company and their products vary considerably, but with some research you can find a product that will work for you and be less of disappointment.


"Catch a cheating spouse"

The above use is ILLEGAL.

In order to monitor someone age 18+ (such as a spouse), you MUST own the computer and they MUST agree to let you monitor them, otherwise it's illegal.

It even says it on Awareness Tech's site:

"DISCLAIMER: Awareness Technologies Terms of Use and End User Licensing Agreement require that you only install its software on computers that you own or have permission to monitor and that you inform all users of those computers that they are being monitored. Failure to do so may result in breaking of Federal and State laws. Awareness Technologies will cooperate with authorities in investigation of any allegations of misuse. Consult legal counsel if you have questions regarding your specific circumstances."

Besides encouraging illegal activities, Awareness Technologies scams and rips off its customers in every way possible. On top of all of that, the program doesn't even work.

:( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(


:( Totally agree with you. This stuff sucks.

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