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I installed WebWatcher on my computer and it immediately made my computer act up. The computer deleted characters as soon as you typed them in web page fields and you couldn't select from a drop down menu.

It took 4 days of working with Awareness Technologies to get the software uninstalled. I then asked for a refund and they told me I was out of the 3 day refund period and refused to grant the refund. AT wanted me to use the chat feature to get the software working on my computer, so I spent an hour on this and got it working (so much for the "5 minutes to download" claim). Webwatcher then wasn't recording data.

Turns out it doesn't work on the latest versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc. Despite this, they still refuse to refund my money!

Monetary Loss: $106.

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I could never get it to work myself on my computer either. I am now working with a free app called Qustodio and it is working perfectly.

Such apps should be light and easy to use, for parents, most of the times are not computer savvy.

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