The advertising for this company is all about getting you hooked up with them... Sure, that's normal, right?

But they hide things about their company, like that it is a subscription service with yearly fees. And they make it look like you will get 40% off but their fee is really $97 and you are going to pay that. They shopping cart sort of grabs your money before you even know it, and it defaults to add a bunch of other stuff in there too. They sent me an email for 15% off and it had a code.

There were lots of links out there for 40% off too. It said I didn't need to apply a code for that, so instead of applying the 15% off code, it told me the 40% off would show up on the payment window, which it didn't. I immediately called and a woman told me I could just send an email and receive the discount. Then they told me they couldn't refund the $14.

but they could give me free screen shots, which I absolutely don't want or need. There are a bunch of other things wrong with the company too, but I'm too pissed off to mention them now.

The biggest thing is that they have a HORRIBLE ATTITUDE toward the customer and they are losing me over $14 stinking, lousy dollars!!!!

Monetary Loss: $15.

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