AimPro, AOL's most popular IM/chat is not part of Webwatcher's "IM/Chat" feature. You have to pay for additional "Screenshots" with Webwatcher (Awareness Technologies).

They give you 1,000 then after that you have pay for addl screenshots. On their "Keystrokes" feature, you can only see one-way (outgoing) chat messaging. It is not advertised that they do not support AimPro. I will more than likely eat my $97 and find a web watching software that includes AimPro as standard IM/chat feature without paying additional money to monitor my son's chat outgoing AND incoming.

I am very disappointed.

Monetary Loss: $97.

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Trying for a refund from them within 3 days is like pulling teeth. Once you buy the program, they want you to pay if you need to reload the program (after a computer crash) and pay if you want them to store data for more than a couple of weeks.

The program intially locked up the computer if you do a simple google search. While they may be able to fix the technical problems, there are just too many "gotchas" with this company to waste time with.

They trumpet the 3 day (why only 3 days?) refund policy, but they bury you with fine print and find ways to avoid a refund. Buy something else.


They advertise WebWatcher as having screen capture. In fact, you have 'free' trial of SmartCamera, so this is not really a feature of WebWatcher at all. I could accept this if they just made it clear before you purchase their software - they don't

Glen Allen, Virginia, United States #10517

I have been monitoring my daughter's computer with Web Watcher for more than a year and I am very, very happy.

Granted, I AimPro is not the chat program of choice but that program works as advertised IMHO.

Westerlo, New York, United States #5797

I was so happy to read this but feel your pain completely. I'm furious that the very thing I want to monitor is not likely to be available.

Just emailed them and they also suggested smart camera which I replied and said until product does more, I'm not $$$ for anything else. We need to get the word out there before others get taken in like we did.

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