I installed the product on my desktop, and it seemed fine the first day. It recorded keystrokes, webshots, and the alert word function worked. However, the e-mail and social network sites did not work. I contacted the vendor and they asked me to reload it, which I did. Those functions still did not work, but I think I know why - more on that in a minute.

Then the next day, Ad-aware found the software and blocked it. I contacted WebWatcher again and re-installed the software under their direction. Again Ad-aware blocked it. I finally took ad-aware off my computer, and now the software worked pretty well (except for e-mail and social sites), but in about a week the smart camera stopped working. I contacted them again and found out I had to pay a little under $20 for extended storage. They do not tell you that up front, and it is probably why most people have trouble. Take my word for it - everyone NEEDS to buy the extended storage to use this software. The storage included with the original purchase in very small, but the cost to add more is not very much. Once I added the extended storage, it worked fine again - except for some bugs, which I will list.

It does record keystrokes, but it misses some keystrokes for some reason. It gets about 80% -90% of them, though, which is midly annoying, but for my needs is enough because the alert words and smart camera functions give me the rest, and in context.

Smart Camera works, but only on the first time that the computer boots up the software - it works on both Explorer and Chrome for me. However, if you leave the computer on and open to either one of those browsers bevween uses, it will no longer be taking screen shots, as the elapsed time function will have passed and it only takes the screen shots when you first boot up the browser or first go to a website that is on the list.

Alert Words is a very good feature, but I had to add a lot of alert words. When you do this, try to select words that would be at the end of a sentence - it takes a screen shot when the word is typed, and if the word is at the beginning of the sentence the screen shot is kind of useless. Once I caught on to this, I was able to use the function more effectively. I wish it would take a few more screen shots when an alert word is typed.

The social network sites function and email functions never worked for me. I suspect it might be because the auto-fill function on the browsers types in the last letters of the site automatically - so you never actually type to entire url. I suspect that the web watcher software does not recognize that the user has gone there.

The social network sites are getting pretty smart about unauthorized viewing, though, and at leas one of them sends an e-mail when a bad entry of the password is made, or if you access it from a different computer. So be sure you can get in the e-mails first. Check the e-mails if you attempt to enter the social network site and screw up the password, or if the user changes the password, and delete the e-mail from the social site. (Be sure to delete it in the trash file as well as in the new mail and/or old mail files).

The trick is to be patient, and always check the keystroke, smart camera, and alert word functions before trying to enter a site like facebook, and be sure you have the e-mail password first if you do not want to be detected.

As a single father, the software has enabled me to watch the sites my son and daughter have been going to on my desktop when I am gone. Some people will think that is too invasive, but in this world, I do not believe that. I would not have believed how much *** they are viewing and I found my daughter was corresponding with some creep who wanted her to send web-cam pics of herself. I can believe my teen-aged son would view ***, but I would not have believed that my daughter would have been so in need of attention that she would do this if I had not seen it with the software. Now I can provide some guidance in areas that I would not have realized that guidance was required. If you want to protect your kid, this software is pretty good, and has not been detected by any anti-virus software so far except for ad-aware. And that is pretty good, as the other paid software I have used was always discovered by the anti-virus software much more quickly and blocked.

So I recommend this software - with the reservations and limitations I listed above.

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