the software worked great, the problem i have is the computer i was monitoring was in another country, well when it expired, which by the way is only time i got any kind of notifacation from them, they have a big flashy screen that tells u all the bs about how great the new version is, bla bla bla. so it says update now!! u have 7 days before your software stops working. well i logged on day 5, and updated the software. $70. and what a surprise it didn't work.

one thing they forget too mention, until after i payed, did it all over the phone. once the charge went through, they decided to mention that the software needs to be physically installed. thanks alot for nothing, if the computer was in my house i wouldn't need to monitor it. waste of money and no refund. all they said was sorry but we can't help you. so i have to take a 10 hour flight to update it physically? what a joke.

any notification before it expired would have been nice, what a scam job.

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