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I purchased this software last fall. Since then I have been VERY frustrated with its results. It works intermittently....most often not at all.

I have tried contacting customer support - scripted responses EVERY time and no help at all. I have opened many trouble tickets. I've even had their "techs" take over the target computer on several occasions. I'm always told everything is working properly. I was told a few months ago that it's not working because of the Anti-virus program on the target computer. I fixed that and it's still not working.

I've been sending emails back and forth to the supposed "head of customer support" for the last week and I'm not getting anywhere at all. Basically, I'm being told to suck it up and purchase the upgrade. The software isn't even a year old yet...upgrades should be included, but they're not. I just found that part out. Now I'm being told that the reason why it's not working is because of the web browser. I'm sure by tomorrow or the next day, it'll be something else.

This product is supposed to be for peace of mind. If that's your goal, this product WILL NOT give it to you. It'll just make you frustrated and angrier and angrier.

What a waste of time and especially money. This company doesn't stand behind their product and customer service is a joke. Next stop for me is emailing the manager...bet I'll get nowhere with her too.


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I purchased this program to monitor my children for US $97,as soon as it was installed the computer started freezing and had to be restarted lots of times in the day,I asked for a refund on the second day,(Mind you they have a 3 day unconditional guarantee)

They refused and I am still fighting them in Paypal,

There are better programs for free,keep well away from them,they are posing as legitimate business yet they have full access to your computer as they are able to log in to your computer any time they want.

The computer the program went in is still unable to be used without I believe a full format as it freezes every time it is started and I cant even uninstall it,i am concerned they will drain my paypal or bank account,


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